A DeFi Powerhouse

DegenX is a multichain ecosystem of DeFi products that provides value for both projects and users. Revenue is distributed to stakers of $DGNX, the governance token of DegenX with liquidity backing: a minimum guaranteed price that only grows.

Nine projects to rule them all

Meet the DegenX ecosystem

Liquidity Backing

Liquidity Backing

$DGNX is the driving force behind the revolutionary DegenX ecosystem. With its solid foundation in a base asset, the DGNX token boasts an ever-growing intrinsic value and is further strengthened by the power of onchain DAO governance.


Three unique features that make us stand out

Baseline value

Ever increasing minimum value of $DGNX.

You can always burn your $DGNX to get the backing back, even if the market price is lower than the backing price.

DAO token

Vote in our DAO and be part of the direction DegenX takes.

All contracts are owned by the DAO and the project is truly community-led.


Earn by staking $DGNX.

We are developing several revenue generating services, like StakeX and Factor and will distributing the revenue to stakers. Earn by staking $DGNX

Join in!

Did we already mentioned we are bridging the token to other chains without diluting the supply?

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Total supply (across all chains): 21.000.000 | Check on Snowtrace

    • Burn: 1% on sell

      This makes $DGNX deflationary. Additionally, the burn mechanism increases the backing of the circulating supply, leading to ever increasing baseline value.

    • Marketing: 1% on buy

      1% of the AVAX used to buy DGNX is sent to a marketing wallet. This will be utilized to market the project and grow the community

    • Liquidity: 1%

      1% of buys and sells stay in the LP to creating a stable price floor and ensuring there is always liquidity to sell $DGNX.

    • Backing: 4%

      4% of all buys and sells are sent to the liquidity backing pool, giving $DGNX an ever increasing minimum value.

    • Development: 2%

      2% of all transactions will be used to cover development costs, including audits.

Liquidity Backing

A guaranteed minimum value for $DGNX

The DGNX token is backed by its base assets, providing an ever-increasing minimal value that is balanced between blue-chip investments, stable assets, and volatile moonshots. This ensures that the DGNX token will retain its value and provide a steady return on investment for its holders. With its unique balance of assets, the DGNX token is an excellent choice for those looking for stability and growth in their investments.


The DGNX token is unique in that a set percentage, 2%, of every buy and sell transaction is sent to the Liquidity Backing pool. This ensures that the token's minimal value can never decrease, and it provides added stability and security for its holders. With this innovative feature, the DGNX token is an excellent choice for those looking for more security.


The DGNX token is designed to provide added stability and security for its holders. If the market price ever drops below the intrinsic minimal value, holders have the option to burn their DGNX tokens for their share of the Liquidity Backing. This ensures that the token's minimal value can never decrease, and holders can always expect to be able to sell or burn their DGNX.


The team

Our team is doxxed through SolidProof, view here.

  • Bomba

    Community Management

  • Chief Jawa


  • Crypto Stiggy

    Blockchain Analytics & Security

  • Daniel

    Lead Solidity Dev

  • DB


  • Degen Comedian


  • Degen Joker

    Marketing & Community Management

  • Degen Trader

    Operations & Marketing

  • Eric

    Community Management

  • JC

    Marketing & Community Management

  • K9


  • Lex


  • Morty


  • Stuart


  • The Master Xi


  • Troke Latu

    Community Management

  • Weizenstar

    Product Manager & Developer

  • Rock

    Frontend Developer


  1. Phase 1

    ✓ Token Launch
    ✓ Website
    ✓ dAPP
  2. Phase 2

    ✓ DAO
    Liquidity Backing
  3. Phase 3

  4. Phase 4

    NFT V2
  5. Phase 5

    NFT Marketplace
  6. Phase 6


More info

    • Are you doxxed?

      Our team is doxxed through SolidProof. You can view the certificate here.
    • Are the contracts audited?

      Yes! All current contracts can be viewed here. New contracts will be audited before launch, which one of the reasons of the development fund.
    • What is the roadmap?

      Our token and DAO are launched and we are now developing the liquidity backing and bridge.
    • Who is the team?

      We are a group of around 20 degens, specialised in development, marketing and even construction!